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Technical Skills

  • C++ - Expert
  • C# - Advanced
  • JAVA - Advanced
  • PHP - Intermediate
  • HTML | CSS - Intermediate
  • SQL - Intermediate
  • VISUAL STUDIO - Expert
  • ECLIPSE | NETBEANS - Advanced
  • MATLAB | SIMULINK - Advanced
  • UML | SYSML - Advanced
  • .NET - Expert
  • QT - Expert
  • BOOST - Beginner
  • X-PLANE | PLUGIN - Expert
  • VBS 2 - Beginner

Work Experience

Here's a short description about the typical tasks performed for the previous and current employer. More detailed infos about the projects, in which i've been involved could be found under portfolio.

Co-founder and CEO - Buildit Accelerator of Hardware Startups 2013 - Present

Buildit is an accelerator for new global success stories in hardware.

Buildit Logo

In autumn 2013, a pre-acceleration program, Buildit Beta is started that aims to prepare startups mainly from Estonia, Latvia and Russia for entering the leading hardware accelerators in Europe, USA and Asia.

Program manager for computer engineering - Tartu University 2013 - Present

Responsible for the quality, development and co-ordination of the computer engineering curricula at bachelor and master levels in the faculty of science and technology.

UT Logo

Tartu University is one of the top universities in Baltics and Estonia's leading centre of research and training.

Systems Engineer - ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH 2008 - 2013

Developing software for the German navy fight and transportation helicopter and airplane simulators, participating in R&D projects developing air traffic control solutions for the German air forces.

ESG Logo

Leading system and software house in Germany. Business areas include: aviation, IT and communication, automotive, vetronic systems, naval systems, telecommunications and transportation.

Simulator Maintenance Engineer - Estonian Aviation Academy 2005 - 2008

Project manager in R&D dept., and lecturer - managing development projects, running, developing and maintaining Flight and Navigation Procedure Trainer Type II MCC, Flight Management System and Air Traffic Control simulators, giving lectures on Unix, Java Programming and Air Traffic Network.


Estonian Aviation Academy teaches BA and MA students in aircraft piloting, air traffic management and aviation management.

Lecturer and Tutor - Tartu University 2008

Giving lectures and practices in Microprocessor course on FPGAs and VHDL and laboratory exercises on computer architecture.

UT Logo

Tartu University is one of the top universities in Baltics and Estonia's leading centre of research and training.

IT specialist - Interspectrum LCC 2002 - 2004

Maintaining company’s computer network and website, programming hardware, writing test scripts for software.

Interspec Logo

Interspectrum LCC develops and manufactures infrared spectrometers.


M.Sc.Eng. Computer Studies - Tartu University 2005 - 2008

Master of Science in Engineering - Computer Studies.

Defended the master thesis on the subject of Teaching the Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) in Tartu University on the grade A – excellent.

B.Sc.Eng Computer Studies - Tartu University2002 - 2005

Bachelor of Science in Engineering - Computer Studies.

Defended the master thesis on the subject of Accelerating 3D Calculations on a Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) Hardware on the grade A – excellent.

Physics class - Nõo Gymnasium1999 - 2002

Nõo Gymnasium is highly acclaimed and well known for teaching subjects like mathematics, physics and biology in a intensified manner.


Mid Air Collision Avoidance System

The MIDCAS mission is to demonstrate the baseline of solutions for the Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Midair Collision Avoidance Function (including separation), acceptable by the manned aviation community and being compatible with UAS operations in non-segregated airspace by 2015.

The ESG were invited to participate in this project due to previous achievement in similar projects:

  • Sense and Avoid Function prototype (SAAFu), based on realtime radar ASTERIX protocol
  • Radar Independent Sense and Avoid (RAS), which was based on Mode-S and ADS-B protocols.

My responsibilities in all three projects above include:

  • multithreading C++ desktop application, to be able to separate radar message queueing, message parsing and graphical user interface
  • GUI design, with purpose to declutter the pilot screen
  • parsing different protocols, such as ASTERIX, ADS-B and Mode-S
  • connecting the application with MilRADNET using dial-in technique.

Mission Tactical Workstation Szenario Trainer

The MTA is a military development of ESG’s Police Tactical Workstation (PTA), adapted for environmental qualification with enhanced component robustness. The MTA offers all functions required for carrying out personnel recovery missions and is currently mounted on the CH-53 helicopters.

My responsibilities include:

  • statemachine design and development using MATLAB Simulink and Stateflow for simulating devices with complex and parallel behavior, such as whole V/UHF communication logic, Radio Back-Up Device and FLIR Camera control system
  • integrating and testing individual MATLAB models with the rest of the simulation enviroment
  • audio and communication simulation using C++ ALSA (linux) libraries and specialized hardware
Helicopter Pilot Screening System FPS-H

FPS-H is a simulation system which is used by the German air force to evaluate the aptitude of candidates before they are accepted for helicopter flight training.

My responsibilities include:

  • implementing computer generated forces including air, ground and naval friendly as well as hostile vehicles and stationary weapons
  • simulating guided and unguided missiles and bullets
  • collision detection between objects among themselves as well as with fired ammunition
  • development of the cross simulation model to connect two simulation enviroments during a session
  • audio and communication simulation
  • aiding in development of the Instructor Operating Station
Sealynx Cockpit Procedure Trainer

The German Sea Lynx helicopter received an avionic upgrade including new radio equipment. The CPT was designed with the focus on having, amongst other things, a realistic simulation of these components.

My responsibilities include:

  • design and development of the following avionics equipment simulation models: Center Audio Panel (CAP), Multi Function Display (MFD), Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) and very, ultra and high frequency radios
  • Sea Skua air-to-surface missile simulation
  • communication logic in- and outside of the helicopter
  • User Interface Model development connecting the model data with graphical user interface
  • audio and communication simulation
SIMUTAC - Simulators for Tartu Aviation Academy

The project SIMUTAC brought modern simulator training to the Academy. Mechtronix Systems from Canada established the FNPT II MCC for pilot training and UFA Inc from Germany built up the complex simulator system for air traffic controllers.

My responsibilities was:

  • participating in public procurement process and evaluating proposals
  • On Site Acceptance as well as yearly certification for the FNPT II MCC simulator with Estonian Aviation Authority
  • soft- and hardware upgrades due to enhanced requirements
  • technical maintenance of the simulators
  • on-site support for the training staff
  • aiding in course preparations


MATLAB, Simulink and Stateflow in model based simulation - ESG Automotive 2011

2 day workshop about best practices using MATLAB for simulation purposes.

Programming with Stardraw control - COMM-TEC AVIT Control 2010

2 days of training on control systems and software for the AV media and facility management technology.

UML in software design - Enterprise Architect 2009

2 days of training on using UML in the whole life cycle of the software engineering.

Asian markets, funding, investments and start-ups - INSEAD Business School 2009

One week of training in Singapore and Malaysia about the characteristics of the Asian markets, pitching to local business angels, typical start-ups in Singapore and on how to plan an international business.

Developing a Business Plan - Enterprise Estonia 2008

Altogether 15 days of training on how to create business plan, find foreign partners, apply for funding, find investors, develop your product, legal issues and how to be mentally prepared to start your own company.

Dealer & Student Manager Training - The Southwestern Company 2004 | 2003

Main focus of Manager training was on recruiting your own selling team and motivating them through the summer selling books door-to-door. Also how to focus your own energy to get more customers. I and my team were working in Florida, USA.

The Dealer Training was all about being active, effective and always positive salesman 6 days a week, 13,5 hours a day. The psychology of selling, closing deals, customer relationship management and building rapport were continuously thought until very last day on the bookfield. I was working in Idaho, USA.

Other assets

Main organizer - Digilent Design Contest Estonia 2014 | 2013

First ever Estonian regional competition, which is part of the worldwide digital design and FPGA programming contest.

Member of the Jury - Digilent Design Contest International Finals 2011

Digilent Design Contest International is a worldwide digital design and FPGA programming contest held in US, EU and China.

TestDaF language certificate 2010

Scored 95% percent on the German language examination for the foreign learners who plan to study and/or teach in Germany.

Top-10 in a business plan competition “The Brainhunt” 2009 | 2007

Finished in top-10 in two consecutive years. The Brainhunt is nationwide competition in Estonia to find new and innovative business plans and its goal is to motivate young people to start their own company.

Thank you letter - Estonian Aviation Academy 2007 | 2006

2 times recognition for significant input on procurement and implementation of FNPT II MCC Simulator and ATC Simulator in the project SIMUTAC (simulator for Tartu Aviation College) with project budget exceeding 1 million Euros.

Elion scholarship 2005

Onetime benefit given only to one student every year to motivate students learn IT.

Gold Award with Gold Seal - The Southwestern Company 2004 | 2003

Price which is given to all salesmen working for Southwestern Company who work at least 80h. every week throughout the summer selling books door-to-door.

I also received Big Check Award, price which is given for precise and orderly bookkeeping throughout the summer, both times.

Spoken languages

  • ESTONIAN - mother tongue
  • GERMAN - very good in speech and writing
  • ENGLISH - very good in speech and writing
  • RUSSIAN - intermediate in speech